Top Five Reasons to Charter in Montenegro

19th Maj 2016

Montenegro lies on the Adriatic Sea and boasts over 180 miles of beautiful coastline, with 45 miles of beaches and numerous well-preserved historic towns and villages. The region offers great weather conditions for sailing and more than 250 days under the sun a year with typical Mediterranean wind conditions. Now is the perfect time to book a trip for the summer to enjoy this hidden gem and rising star tourist destination. If our top five reasons to charter in Montenegro don’t make you drop everything and travel there, we think the pictures will close the deal.

  1. Great sailing conditions: The sailing conditions in Montenegro are fantastic for all levels of boating experience as the winds are moderate and the swimming temperatures are warm for most of the year. The summer sailing season comes to life in May and lasts through mid-October, though the best time to be there is during the high season of June, July, August. While exploring the coast you will find secluded anchorages, moorings in beautiful bays and large marinas with a large array of amenities.  There are miles of unspoiled coastline to explore, with fewer crowds than in neighboring Croatia.
  2. Local culture, food and historic sites: At our yacht base in Kotor, there is so much to see in the old city and plenty to learn about the European history as Kotor played an important role in numerous empires and therefore has a rich and diversified heritage. The splendid city wall, narrow streets, tiny squares and the Mediterranean mood make Kotor one of the most memorable stopovers in the Adriatic sea. The natural and culturo-historical region of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other World Heritage sites in Montenegro include Durmitor National Park, which has the deepest gorges in Europe. Get to know the locals in some of the more secluded stops, and visit historic monuments and island forts. In a Montenegro food market, you will find locally produced, organic and handmade goods. Families have been producing olive oil, cheese, fruits, vegetables and other traditional foods, the same way for generations. Fresh fish is available straight from the fishermen in smaller coastal towns, so be sure to take some back to your boat. Many of the larger coastal towns offer restaurants serving local food and wine, as well as international cuisine including Japanese, Mediterranean and Italian. In many of the marina villages such as Tivat, relaxation and spa options are close at hand, as is shopping and dining.
  3. Accessibility: It is easy to get to your charter boat base. From the two international airports in Podgorica and Tivat, there are regular and seasonal direct flights to major regional and European cities. Our fleet is located in the town of Kotor at the marina, which is located close to Tivat airport. It is a great jumping off point for seeing the rest of the coastline. Kotor harbor is also conveniently located close to town and has all the amenities, restaurants, stores and nightlife visitors need.
  4. Stunning landscapes, wildlife, and day-trip adventures: There are plenty of day trips on land to be had once you reach a destination for the night. In Kotor you can take in the Castle of San Giovanni or Castle St. John. There are National Parks within reach of the coast, and always a beautiful view to be taken in from hiking nearby. Budva is considered the tourism center of Montenegro with numerous beaches and its city theater. Diving enthusiasts should not miss the two nearby small islands Katic and Sveta Nedjelja, for spectacular underwater wildlife. Montenegro has over 40,000 registered marine fish species. The mountainous interior of the country is home to stunning natural landscapes, glacial lakes, river canyons and wildlife reserves.
  5. Unique experiences: While sailing to Herceg Novi, known for the clearest water in the Adriatic Sea, check out the Blue Cave. Small boats can enter the cave and tourists can have a swim under natural blue luminescence hidden in the rocks. The town of Herceg Novi, has miles of white pebble beaches and beautiful gardens. Montenegro offers unique coastal landscapes bordered by rising mountains and lush forests with fresh water lakes. The scenery is postcard perfect and should not be missed.