Nya seglingsresor 2019 för KSSS medlemmar

22nd Nov 2018

Dream Yacht Charter –  KSSS Dream Yacht Charter – världens största båtuthyrningsföretag – är officiell leverantör till KSSS sedan 1/1 2018. Avtalet ger bl.a klubbens medlemmar unika möjligheter att segla i världens bästa farvatten och köpa charterbåt med förmånliga villkor. Inför 2019 fördjupar vi samarbetet för att kunna erbjuda klubbens medlemmar nya seglingsupplevelser runt om … Fortsättning

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Ny video visar ett fint Jungfruöarna

18th Feb 2018

Vi har tidigare skrivit om den fantastiska återuppbyggnaden av BVI – Brittiska Jungfruöarna och nu har vi även en nytagen video som visar hur området ser ut efter vinterns orkaner. Som du kan se så är sandstränderna lika fina och inbjudande, det turkosa vattnet lika kristallklart och livet i vattnet lika spännande. Allt finns där … Fortsättning

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dream logo

Orkanen Irma: KUNDUPPDATERING September 2017

22nd Sep 2017

Uppdatering: 19 September Dream Yacht Charter founder, Loic Bonnet, says: “Our priority is the well-being of our staff, customers and partners in areas affected by Hurricane Irma and those now feeling the force of Hurricane Maria. We’re in contact when communications allow with BVI and St. Martin and all other bases are operational. We’re also … Fortsättning

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cooking from isle of spice grenada

Shake Up Your Cooking on the Isle of Spice

16th Jan 2017

Infuse your humble galley with the flavors of Grenada by embracing its nickname – “The Isle of Spice!” The basics? Warm, zesty flavors – and mandatory dessert. Oil down is the traditional dish of Grenada and the ultimate Caribbean comfort food. Even the preparation is usually laid-back: a bunch of friends gathered around a pot, … Fortsättning

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grenada chocolate company post

Visit Grenada: The Island of Spice

13th Jan 2017

With its unique combination of French and English culture, exotic flowers and rare fruits, a rich history of storytelling, and well-seasoned foods, make it a priority to visit Grenada is known as the “Island of Spice.” It’s also the gateway to the unspoiled cruising grounds of the Grenadines, where you’ll experience some of the best sailing anywhere … Fortsättning

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bvi alternatives blog post

BVI Alternatives You’ll Love

27th Dec 2016

Those who’ve been to the BVI are well-versed in the islands’ charm. If you’ve been there a few times, you might find yourself adopting a more “been there, done that” attitude. We’re not knocking repeat vacations – merely offering new ideas for your next adventure! Here are some BVI alternatives that have a similar feel, … Fortsättning

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Three Winter Destinations to Beat the Winter Blues

26th Nov 2016

With the first day of winter approaching within the next month you might be looking to get away from the cold weather. While many people look forward to traveling to Florida during the cold months, why not go above and beyond and travel on a charter? We have compiled a list of three Caribbean destinations … Fortsättning

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caribbean getaway

Martinique – Your Next Caribbean Getaway

15th Nov 2016

Imagine sailing into a deep blue lagoon, passing more and more boats as you finally reach a port at the end. Welcome to Le Marin, Dream Yacht Charter’s Martinique base – and the ultimate jumping-off point for sailors. Le Marin is home to supermarkets, chandleries, and restaurants, selling everything you might need to make your … Fortsättning

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company logo GCC

The Grenada Chocolate Company’s Organic Goodies

10th Nov 2016

The Company Offers Fair Trade Treats and an Eco-Friendly Mission Covered in dense rainforest and peppered with Trinitario cocoa plants, Grenada is the perfect spot to produce the world’s best chocolate. Grenada Chocolate Company founders Mott Green, Doug Brown, and Edmond Brown decided to go for that goal in 1999. Their “Tree-to-Bar” chocolate is processed right … Fortsättning

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Cuba: A Fun and Friendly Destination

28th Sep 2016

Cuba remains shrouded in a feeling of mystery despite being very much open for business. Travel just South of Florida to the largest island in the Caribbean to see what Americans have been missing for decades. After all, careful investigation is the only way to solve a mystery. When you arrive in Cuba, you’ll feel … Fortsättning

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