Brazil: More Than Just the Olympics

18th Okt 2016
brazil beach

As the latest host of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Brazil has been in the spotlight for some time now.

However, sailing isn’t about being in the spotlight. It’s about going off the beaten path to find something all your own. Luckily, Brazil’s long and luscious coastline offers plenty of opportunities for just that.

Doesn’t “Costa Verde” just sound like it’s waiting to be explored? It’s due South of Rio, where the world’s eye has been turned of late – and it’s the perfect place for a private getaway.

Its many inlets, coves, and islands are watched over by a mountainous jungle. All it takes is one breathtaking moment to understand why it’s called the “Green Coast.”

Plenty of travel sites offer their own versions of the “perfect” Costa Verde vacations, but when it comes to yachting, our itinerary is the way to go.

We’ll take you to Lopes Mendes, the most popular beach on Ensenada de Palmas. We know the best snorkeling spots in Lagoa Verde.

There’s a gorgeous waterfall just a few minutes inland on Ensenada do Pouso we’d love to show you.

Let’s explore historic Paraty village and Mamangua before sailing back to Angra dos Reis, then make our final stop at Botinas Island.

The sailing in Angra dos Reis is consistently calm and smooth. You might experience a few rainforest showers, but that makes for an adventure. The weather is bright and beautiful, and sailing through this Brazilian paradise is a trip you’ll never forget.